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Rachel is an Anglican Priest, poet, writer and broadcaster based in South Manchester.

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There is also information about her books Dazzling Darkness, Fierce Imaginings, In the Bleak Midwinter, A Kingdom of Love and other books.

Praise for Rachel Mann:

'Exceptional' - Rowan Williams

'Astonishing' - Michael Symmons Roberts

'Lucid and stimulating' - The Times Literary Supplement

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Shortlisted for Michael Ramsey Prize!
Shortlisted for Michael Ramsey Prize!

'Fierce Imaginings: The Great War, Ritual, Memory and God' is a personal, theological and literary exploration of the meaning of World War One for modern post-Brexit British identity. Rachel Mann argues that part of 'our' fascination with the War and its remembrance is our ongoing-search for 'the human'. (The book includes a Foreword by Rowan Williams)

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