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Solace photograph by Rachel Mann I work as Metal/Rock and Prog reviewer for www.manchestermusic.co.uk, Manchester’s oldest and best music website. I also review for Classic Rock presents Prog magazine, AltSounds, OneMetal and have written for the Terrorizer grindhouse feature.

I’ve covered major acts like Deftones and Joe Bonamassa, up and coming Metal/Prog acts like Black Breath, and bands on the local Manchester scene.

I’ve been a music fan for over 25 years and love endless artists including Iron Maiden, Slayer, Van der Graaf Generator, Richard Thompson and Opeth.

If you have demos and cds for review please contact me.

Fish photograph by Rachel Mann Highlights from recent live reviews:

Orange Goblin
‘It’s very hard to resist real delight when you encounter it. In Ben Ward, Orange Goblin’s main man, you experience it to a truly bitching degree. Ward is immense in almost every sense of the word – a generous, impressive and engaging front man, his physical presence is as potent as Thor on steroids.’

A Forest Of Stars
‘Imagine if horror/sci-fi film buff Kim Newman decided to form a Black Metal band; imagine a world where Victorian steam-punks met Lovecraft, a lunatic travelling fair and then detuned the instruments and embraced Hell. If you can imagine that, you might be close to visualizing A Forest of Stars.’

‘Fish is so assured he closes with massive, multi-parted epic ‘Fugazi’. It is a tour de force, moving from its simple insistent piano intro through to the truly magnificent final questions, ‘Where are the prophets? Where are the visionaries?’ By this point the crowd are flying and could happily sing the refrain all night. As Fish leaves the stage, the roars and demands for more fire up without a moment’s artifice.’

Ginger Wildheart photograph by Rachel Mann Highlights from recent album reviews:

Enforcer – ‘Diamonds’ (Earache Records 2010)
‘The question, then, is does this album rise above cliché? In its sheer energy and the attention to songwriting detail I am inclined to say yes. And for sheer camp pleasure I’ve rarely heard an album which so happily made me want to bang my head in years. I believe Enforcer have claimed that classic metal is timeless. I’m not sure this effort quite falls in that category and, yet, in terms of fun factor this is up there with the best. Boy, do I want to hear it live.’

TesseracT – ‘One’ (Century Media 2011)
Let me put it like this: if TesseracT were a religion they would most definitely be some insanely weird-ass sect devoted to worshipping Prime Numbers or the Fibonacci Sequence; but when you witnessed their worship you’d break down and cry. You’d want to worship with them. And most of all, you’d think it was damn cool.

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