Rachel Mann Anglican priest, poet, writer, reviewer, broadcaster and critic, poetry


Rachel Mann portrait My work as a theologian has primarily been focussed on feminist/queer liturgical theology and practice.

As a feminist and queer writer I try to ground my work in my own story and experience, producing liturgy that seeks to be critical of patriarchy and liberative for both men and women.

I also seek to work theologically with the relationship between liturgy and poetry, drawing attention to the creative and dynamic relations between both. Often using story and poetry, I explore the human sense of the transcendent and the divine in ways which break free of traditional gender and sexual stereotypes and extend the tradition. I try to demonstrate a commitment to gender justice and employ expansive language in an attempt to reclaim and create richer visions of the Divine. It does this in an attempt to open up more satisfying ways for all – male and female, black and white, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender – to worship God.

From: Presiding From the Broken Middle

And we shall speak a song God gave us
And we shall find bread in the stones we found
And we shall receive blessing when rejection is given
And we shall arise when we’ve been beaten down.

And we shall sing a song God gave us
And we shall break bread on holy ground
And we shall proclaim a blessing in a world that is riven
And we shall stand and know we are found.

And we shall roar a song God gave us
And we shall share bread among the lost and found
And God will heal from the broken middle
and with grace and hope and love astound.

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